virtual social

Majority of San Francisco Bay Area just officially entered a period of shelter in place until at least April 7.

You probably have (or about to) experience something similar. I hope you’re doing well and social distancing .

At the same time, this is an open invitation for anyone reading – I would love to have a chat with you!

We can talk about something as simple as how your day is going or the stupid shit we pulled 5 years ago. You also qualify if you managed to read this without ever talking to me in real life (very likely that I will have some idea about you).

If you’re just looking for a room to vent, this applies too.

Really, anything. Zero preparation required, absolutely chill.

I have been doing this at a small scale – spontaneous calls and meetups. Glad to say that every one of them has been worth my time.

Now that people are self-quarantined for the most time, distance doesn’t really matter. We can work out a time that works for both sides.

Drop a line on any of my social. Looking forward to talk!